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Grand Prix Ski & Snowboard Club has been around in the Chicago area since 1969.  Most of our members have been around for several years and any new members that partake in one of our crazy trips never go home the same, but keep coming back for more.  Grand Prix is not too formal...more of a dysfunctional family atmosphere. 


We don't have as many trips each year as some of the other groups, but I can guarantee you that the ones we do have are pretty nuts...think of them as the old high school house parties you used to go to, but without all the drama. 


The bus trips aren't quiet -- they're a several hour long party on the way up, usually nuttier on the way back, and a whole lot of fun in between -- oh, and there's skiing too, if you prefer to get up from the lodge bar.


Our Western trips offer great deals, great company, and great skiing.  Our Europe trips are simply some of the best times you'll ever have.


The best thing about Grand Prix is that we are friendly and we love to have a good time.  Go on a trip with us a stranger, return a member of the GP family.  Hope to see you soon.

Meetings held at E.P.I.'s in Edison Park

6715 N. Olmsted in Chicago

3rd Thursdays of the month @ 7PM

Summer months are usually held elsewhere


Check the What's New Page for latest updates and/or meeting info


Next meeting will be at Edison Park Inn on TBD

6715 N Olmsted in Chicago

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